Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating 5 years of Raptivity : Form is Temporary, Class is Timeless

In the game of cricket, they say a player's form is temporary, but the class is timeless. Likewise, when a product stands the test of time, it deepens your belief in the innovation and quality underlying it.

Five years is a long time in the software industry. As we celebrate 5 successful and growing years of Raptivity, the world's first and leading rapid interactivity building tool for eLearning creators, it gives me and the team at Harbinger Group immense joy and a sense of fulfillment.

At the same time, Raptivity's growing customer base and growing sales charts imbue us with a sense of expectancy towards the future.

Raptivity started as an innovative solution to the eLearning developers dilemma - how to create interesting and engaging content without spending the time and money for programming interactivity. 

As we developed the solution and patented the key invention that underpins its working, we realized that the market not only loved the concept, but they were hungry for more and more ready-made interactive templates. So we developed games, simulations, exercises, 3D elements, visuals, job aids, presentation aids and dozens of other interaction models. The Raptivity library today boasts of 249 such interactions, the largest anywhere in the world.

At the same time we realized our customers needed flexibility and features. So we added SCORM tracking, unicode compliance, accessibility, advanced editing, voice-over recording and loads of other features. Raptivity's ground-breaking enhancements continue unabated, with support for HTML5 and mobile publishing for smart-phones, tablets and so on.

The biggest reward for us has been the overwhelming acceptance by our user community, now spread in 57 countries at the last count, the 57th being Nepal. The product has made eLearning interactivity quick and easy for thousands of instructional designers, subject matter experts, course creators, trainers and educators in corporations, government and education.  Every time we receive an email from a customer how much they appreciate the product, or our customer support - it is a moment of celebration for us.

Raptivity has brought many accolades to Harbinger Group. The list consists of over a couple of dozen international awards including Red Herring Global 100, Deloitte Asia Pacific Fast 500 (three years in a row), eLearning Guild (Platinum and Gold), LearnX Australia (Platinum and Gold), Software Satisfaction Award (UK) and several others.

Last but not the least, the young and talented team working on Raptivity (and our other innovative brands such as Elicitus, Raptivity Presenter, YawnBuster, SiteJazzer, TeemingPod) deserves a mention. Their sincere and hard work has made this dream come into reality. The most beautiful pieces of architecture are built one brick at a time, and they know this better than anyone else.

Business wire and several other publications cover this milestone here.


  1. This is excellent..."The most beautiful pieces of architecture are built one brick at a time.....".....I agree Sir....

  2. Journey of Raptivity has been the most memorable experince in my life. Starting right from the inception, transforming the concept of “interactivity” into a software product called Raptivity, then empowering Educators, Trainers and Instructional Designers with this same Raptivity and then all the way to building a strong Raptivity user community. We, the Raptivity team looks forward to supporting all users, evangelists, analysts, marketers, product advocates and partners beyond these five years. The journey of Raptivity reminds me of a cocoon which transforms into a beautiful butterfly flying away graciously spreading its beauty around the world.

  3. A milestone indeed...And a wonderful journey I am proud to have been a part of!

    The satisfaction that comes from being able to incorporate our customers' feedback and wishlist into the product is unparalleled... Be it SCORM, Data externalization feature or even HTML5.

    Congratulations to the entire Raptivity family - our customers, colleagues and well wishers!

  4. Congratulations Vikas, Seema and the rest of the Harbinger team. This is a great accomplishment. I'm really excited by the success Raptivity has seen in just five years!


    Steve Maita

  5. I feel proud to be associated with Harbinger Group. 249 Interactivities, International Awards, and customer in 57 countries, very few products achieve this milestone. Congratulations Vikas.

  6. I have seen very few software product companies in India achieving such a growing customer base worldwide, with growing sales charts.

    I feel lucky to be part of this celebration and am proud to be an Harbingerite.

    Innovation is the key tag line for our product business and with Vikas's thought leadership, we have and we will continue to come out with new and exciting interactivities.

    Congratulations to Vikas and the entire product team on Raptivity's fifth anniversary.

  7. It's wonderful to see an innovation not just sustain but gain momentum year on year. With 249 interactions, users in 57 countries and new platforms - iPad, mobile et al - Raptivit and the team behind it are as vibrant as ever. Congratulations, and thanks!

  8. The journey of Raptivity has indeed been a very memorable experience. Right from the time when the first user started using Raptivity, to growing the userbase slowing from 1 country to more than 50, to winning more than 12 awards in a year - everything has been fascinating! Kudos to every person who has contributed in this. Great teamwork! Congratulations to the whole team!!

  9. This is a great moment and milestone achieved. The Product is excellent example of Innovation and is a true masterpiece. I am really proud to be a part of this Journey.

    Congratulations Vikas and entire Harbinger Team

  10. Well Vikas this also means that the eLearning world is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Rapid Interactivity… a unique gift that they received 5 years back(from Harbinger) that revolutionized eLearning by making eLearning Content Developers super productive. Honestly I was very fortunate to be on board(for most of the part) to watch everything happening from a close distance... right from the inception of the idea to the revolution caused by the idea. It’s the thought-leadership and the right combination of people to execute this thought-leadership that made(makes) Raptivity, Raptivity.

    Congratulations to the entire Raptivity team as well as the entire eLearning community.

  11. Congratulations to the entire team! The best part of Raptivity's growth is that it is truly global, and it shows in most of our day-to-day working. It reaches many corners of the world, and is talked about in different languages too!

    Class is truly permanent, and Raptivity has class for sure.

  12. Kudos to the entire Raptivity team!! Way to go..

  13. This is truly a GREAT accomplishment! It's been a privilege to be a part of the Raptivity Team from almost the very beginning.
    Congratulations to all on reaching this milestone!

  14. Well Vikas, I completely agree with your opening thought...I would say that Raptivity not only possesses the class, but has retained its form over the past 5 years! This innovative solution in the area of Interactive eLearning is nothing short of a revolution. Raptivity completing 5 years and still being rated amongst the best is testament to this fact. Even though I’m a newcomer to this area, I already feel being a part of something very special. I congratulate every person whose contributions have resulted in Raptivity being a grand success. I am sure that this is one in a long list of accolades…and countless more to come.

  15. Innovation: “The act or process of inventing or introducing something new”

    Raptivity is the most innovative invention of its kind! A 5-year milestone such as this celebrates not only the invention itself, but also the humble beginnings and phenomenal blossoming of this remarkable product!

    This could only have happened if 2 essential elements remained in perfect alignment: the product and the people. The PRODUCT unquestionably speaks for itself and is currently embraced worldwide. As to the PEOPLE – all of your comments in this blog testify to your genuine heart-felt pride to be a part of this Raptivity family. Thus these 2 elements being so clearly and solidly aligned for the past 5 years, has resulted in this outstanding success today.

    Congratulations to Vikas, and his extraordinary players: Engineering, Support, Sales, Marketing – you all deserve a share in this wonderful celebration. To the future! I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you will come up with next!

  16. It’s truly a special moment for team Raptivity. Very few products today pioneered and defined a solution space in such a short timeframe. The overwhelming response from customers only ensures the novelty of the concept and class of the product. Kudos to the team!

  17. 5 years of celebrations showcase the efforts put by Engineering, Support, Sales and Marketing. Successful 5 years commit more to experience and to explore in the world of interactivity. Congratulations to Raptivity team & Vikas for his marvelous leadership.

  18. Jill Howard: Congratulations to their entire Raptivity Team. It's a privilege to be a part of the Raptivity Team especially during this time of success celebrating 5 years!