Monday, February 7, 2011

Interesting Business Scenarios Found while Going Down the e-learning Path

Over several years of working with clients in corporate, educational and government organizations, we have noticed that some business scenarios come up time and again, when it comes to e-learning content development. Here is a short list for you to review, and perhaps you can identify with one or more.

  1. We have lots of course material in PowerPoint and would like to use it for e-learning, without necessarily converting it all to Flash.
  2. I have just rolled out in-house e-learning development, and my content authors must get up to speed fast. They are new to technology, and they get overwhelmed by too many options.
  3. My team has learned their tools, but they need to churn out courses faster.
  4. My authors only understand Spanish (or Chinese, or Arabic).

Elicitus Express, a lightweight content authoring tool, helps overcome these dilemmas. The web site offers a 14-day free trial. You can check it out here.   There is also a product called Elicitus Studio where one can author content around Raptivity interactions - without spending a lot of money on an authoring tool.

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  1. Hello Vikas,

    I think many of us - in training and business - can relate to the first three pain points you listed.

    KnowledgeVision was created to address these and more challenges of rich content development.

    I encourage you to take a look at KVStudio, an online video tool from KnowledgeVision that lets you quickly and easily develop presentations from existing content.

    You can include PPT and almost any Web page content that can be posted to a site, like rich text, images, Brightcove or Ooyala video - and then synchronize delivery with video narration.

    It's easy to learn, create, edit, and share on-demand - or for live presentations.

    Many organizations in the training space already use KnowledgeVision tools cost-effectively.

    Might be useful to you, too!

    SCORM compliance is being wrapped up now and being tested by several learning management systems.

    I invite you to try KnowledgeVision FREE - no CC needed:

    We'd love to hear your thoughts.


    Nat Cramer