Monday, February 28, 2011

mLearning marches ahead: new trends in mobile learning

Robert Gadd has written an insightful post on emerging trends in enterprise mobile learning for 2011. His predictions are backed by his long experience with mobile learning. They ring true, given the telltale signs of some of the changes he discusses.

His predictions are, in brief:
  • mLearning projects get bigger, 
  • device diversity is the "new normal", 
  • apps trump browser-delivered content, 
  • authoring tools evolve to deal with mobility,
  • tablets explode, 
  • private social networks support business centric social interactions, 
  • mobile device/os vendors consolidate, 
  • new experts provide consulting on mLearning and 
  • new features exploit technology capabilities inherent in devices.
In his prediction concerning authoring tools he points out the possibility of authoring tools providing 'publish to HTML5' option. Gadd follows this up with another post titled New mlearning Authoring Offerings - Wave #1 where he discusses two leading tools that have already provided HTML5 capability.

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  1. That's a great article by Mr. Gadd. I agree with most of the predictions there. I do think a few of them will actually need a little bit of a longer runway to take off. But they are coming nevertheless, and coming soon!

    It is especially interesting to see HTML5 being all tangled up with the Mobile discussions. Who would have thought that HTML, which has had a long history of problems with Mobile (remember WAP Browser, WML and all that mess?) will get talked about every time mobile gets talked about! It is good that Robert also makes the same point that older mobile devices have "very dated browsers", which support "neither Flash nor HTML5".

    Raptivity, of course now supports HTML5 publishing. Very soon, users will actually be able to take a trial of HTML5 publishing in the Raptivity Free Trial. Wait for the announcement!