Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Korea's Gigabit Internet to boost eLearning and mLearning

In my blog on the interactivity technology and its applications, I reviewed the famed ubiquitous city (U-city) project in Seoul that promises several new experiences in the day-to-day lives of citizens. That was a while back.

In a recent article, New York Times reports that home internet may get even faster in South Korea. South Korea already boasts of the world's fastest internet connection (Hong Kong and Japan rank #2 and #3, respectively.) That said, the government wants to do more. By 2012 end, every South Korean home will enjoy one gigabit per second connectivity - ten times faster than what it is currently.

The gigabit internet will create new possibilities for e-learning and m-learning. The use of video and other rich media will become easier, interactive experiences will download and play faster and learning will get better.

Harbinger Knowledge Products has introduced a Korean version of  Raptivity, the e-learning interactivity building software. It will be interesting to see the kind of video usage in interactions - given the high speed connections content authors can take for granted.

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