Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Learning Interaction Look-up Table

Here is the quick learning interaction look-up table I promised in an earlier post for instructional designers to locate some of the best examples of the various types of ready-made interactive elements.

Where used
Raptivity Games
Combine challenge with fun using super-charged learning games

Raptivity MindPlay
Accomplish learning outcomes with game shows and strategy board games

Raptivity WodPlay
Introduce popular crosswords and innovative letter games in your eLearning

Raptivity Booster
Games, simulations and learning aids

YawnBuster Competitive Games
Games  for groups to collaborate and compete in classrooms

YawnBuster Training Games
TV games and letter games for a multiplayer classroom setting
Raptivity Simulations
Simulate real-life learning experiences using award-winning Raptivity simulations. Build guided adaptive scenarios, explorative branching simulations, immersion learning situations and whiteboard simulations

Raptivity Standard  3
technical training -overview visuals, flow diagrams and software simulations.
3D Artifacts
Raptivity 3D
Enrich Content Presentation with 3D Objects and Virtual Worlds
Social Interactions
Embed polls and discussions in web content, invite discussion around presentations

YawnBuster Business Activities
Get learners in a classroom to brainstorm, prioritize, build mind-maps, t-charts and collaborate
Active Learning
Raptivity Active Learning
Achieve comprehension, application and analysis - three key middle layers of Bloom's taxonomy - in adult learning

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  1. Hi Vikas,

    A very simple and easy to use guide on various use cases of Raptivity and YawnBuster.

    This would definitely help users to select and started with the right set of packs in Raptivity.

    Thanks for sharing this.