Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting a Head Start with Mobile Interactions

When Raptivity released its first collection of mobile interactions for iPad and iPhone based eLearning, the path-breaking HTML5 Pack received several accolades. While it was a very useful collection of interactions, it mainly featured a bunch of memory aids such as flash cards. Clearly, there was a need for adding more interactions  to make it instructionally more useful and complete.

It is not easy to design HTML5 interactions from the ground up and make them behave exactly like their Flash counterparts. For example, in the iPad world, there is no mouse-over, so any interaction involving mouse-over has to use mouse clicks.

That's why I am excited about the new Raptivity HTML5 Starter Pack. With this new Raptivity extension, you don't have to spend hours thinking about how to emulate Flash-like interactions in HTML5.

Raptivity HTML5 Starter Pack

The new pack features interactions that let you jazz up your presentations. You can encourage exploration by learners. Then there are interactive quizzes that test knowledge and provide feedback. You can also provide ready reference materials for the people on the go. These interactions, together with memory aids available in the Raptivity HTML5 Turbopack released earlier, provide a rich variety of templates that suit a large number of instructional goals.

The following table summarizes the various interactions and their usage. Please note that (H5T) indicates the Raptivity HTML5 Turbopack, (H5S) indicates the Raptivity HTML5 Starter Pack.  

Jazz up presentation

Flip the Book
Present a fun page-turner with embedded video and other media (H5S)
Create interactive concentric circles with callouts (H5S)
Illustrate radial relationships with interactivity (H5S)
Slide show
Build image transitions with a soundtrack (H5T)

Encourage exploration

Create a step-by-step software simulation (H5S)
Illustrate the steps of a process in sequence, and show details (H5S)
Provide an easy way to access Frequently Asked Questions (H5S)
Buildup and Rollover
Gradually build up complex pictures and explain each part as you go (H5S)

Test Knowledge

Build a match-the-pair exercise with bells and whistles (H5S)
Allow the learner to build a tree structure illustrating relationships (H5S)
Branching Question
Implement a series of questions with adaptation based on learner’s answers (H5S)
Catch ‘em Fast
Create rapid-fire questions where speed is critical (H5T)

Provide ready reference

Build an easy look-up glossary (H5S)

Help memorize content

Flash Cards
Help reinforce and memorize study material on the go (H5T)
Study Card Deck
Help learners in a hurry who need an easy way look up study material using panning cards  (H5T)
Study Card Shuffle
Study cards with text, pictures and video get displayed in a sequence  (H5T)
Memory Aid Peeler
Let learners peel away virtual pages and discover additional content (H5T)

Try out this cutting-edge product by downloading it from the Raptivity website.

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  1. I predict that Flash will die a slow death, if it isn't slipping away already. The learning curve is way too steep for the value it brings to the learning event. YouTube video with audio and cell-phone camera photos will prove to be satisfactory media in the near-term, all delivered over tablets and/or cell phones.

    The other "interactive" tools just don't bring enough to the table, given their cost and steep learning curves and limited interactivity.