Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are Your e-Learning Courses Future-Ready?

Designing e-Learning is like shooting a moving target while standing on a moving platform. By the time you are ready to fire, the world changes again and you are back to taking aim.

Take, for instance, mobility. Recently there has been a lot of speculation about the best ways to get applications mobile-ready. The debate heated up especially after Adobe announced that they will no longer be supporting flash on mobile devices. Does this mean that all e-learning designed using Flash needs to be re-written?

The designers at Raptivity talked to several power users to understand what keeps them up at night. Here is what the users said.

  • The learning interactions I create in Flash today will need to also support HTML5 in the near future.
  • I should be able to create a wide variety of interactions that learners can play on devices of their choice -  laptops, tablets and smart phones.  
  • I should be able to track learner performance with m-Learning content.
  • I should be able to integrate Raptivity interactions with any authoring tool that supports HTML5.

Last year, Raptivity pioneered HTML5 interactions with its HTML5 Starter pack, now a bestseller. Keeping the pace of innovation, today Raptivity provides more than 15 interactions which can be fully customized for a mobile platform. These interactions let you jazz up your presentations, test knowledge, encourage exploration, and provide references.

That's not all. Very soon, all Raptivity interactions are slated to go HTML5. Raptivity users will be able to create and customize HTML5 interactions in a few clicks which would work on i-Pad, i-Phone, Android powered tablets and other mobile devices. Needless to say, the Flash option will stay.

Once the entire Raptivity library goes HTML5, content authors who target non-Flash devices will be able to play their content in an interactive way, conduct assessments, provide evaluation results and track scores. Learners will play learning games, experience simulations, and get engaged through many more interactions on HTML5 devices.

As the entire world prepares to experience learning content on mobile platforms, Raptivity is set to play its part in future-readying your e-learning courses.

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